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The History of Development of Orthodox Bahá’í Faith in India
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Present Status

A Tribute to Mason Remey

Some Orthodox Baha'i Teachings

Mason Remey from those Who were There 

Accepting Mason Remey's Proclamation, long-time Baha'is Frank and Carole Schlatter, James and Marilyn Meyer, and Stephen Rhodes talk about their acceptance of Mason Remey as the second Guardian, and how they knew him in 1960 and can attest from their own knowledge that he was neither senile or self-centered as the Hands had accused him.

Hands of the Cause of God - Part 1 

In this brief video, the living Hands of the Cause of God appointed by the third Guardian, Joel B. Marangella, introduce themselves.

Hands of the Cause of God - Part 2

The Hands of the Cause discuss their faith and say the prayer for the Guardian

The Station of Guardianship in Baha'i Faith

History of Baha'i Faith

Early Photographs of Baha'i Faith


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