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•  Dr. R. P. Singh

Dr. R.P. Singh is a professor and head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian School of Mines. He is an international award wining poet.

An outstanding Orthodox Baha'i whom the Orthodox Bahá'ís are fortunate to count as a supporter. He was nominated international man of the year by the International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England — a wonderful tribute to his accomplishments.

•  Dr. Zayn Luqmani Fateh

Dr. Zayn Luqumani Fateh, a physician by profession, is an intellectual amongst the Bahá'ís of India due to his deep understanding of the Faith and his ability to quote freely from the Bahá'í scriptures, Dr. Fateh has written many articles to his credit, including an English article on the matter of the continuation of the Guardianship. In addition to English, Dr. Fateh is well versed with Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi and Gujarathi and languages like Arabic and Persian too.

Dr. Zayn Luqmani is the son of the late Dr. M.R. Luqmani, who was bestowed by the first Guardian Shoghi Effendi with the title of FATEH, the spiritual conqueror of Ceylon, where he rendered outstanding services and saw the formation of the local council and finally the National Spiritual Assembly.

•  Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar was the secretary of the Provisional National Bahá'í Council of India since its inception. A young and devoted Orthodox Bahá'í, a banker by profession, formed many local Orthodox Councils around Delhi and in other places.

Vinod Kumar says: "We consider ourselves blessed and fortunate to be under the shadow of the beloved third Guardian."

•  Dr. Umesh P. Patri

Dr. U. P. Patri is a Reader in Dept. of English in Bolangir College, Orissa. He is a academic supervisor for students writing their Ph.D. He is a visiting lecturer in the U.S., Canada, Germany. He believes that in the NEW WORLD ORDER OF BAHÁ'U'LLÁH the Orthodox Bahá'ís have a preminent role.

•  Dr.Shashikant S. Seth

Dr. Seth is a Naturopath and treats physical illness. After the declaration of his faith in the third Guardian, he has embarked upon the treatment of the spiritual illness of the Bahá'ís, due to the great violation. He is very much interested in promoting of the continuation of the Guardianship.

•  Mr. Sanjay Kumar

An outstanding Orthodox Bahá'í from Baroda, a chemical engineer by profession. He is eager to promote the continuation of the Guardianship. He is keen to establish Orthodox Baha'i Councils in various localities.

•  Mr. Rajni Patel

He is a very faithful Orthodox Bahá'í from Thane, a dedicated and deepened believer. He has debated with a number of heterodox believers regarding the NEED of a GUARDIAN to establish the World Order of Bahá'u'lláh.

•  Mr. Raj Paul Singh

He is an Orthodox Bahá'í from Punjab, actively involved in removing the gap between rich and the poor through the teachings of the Orthodox Bahá'í Faith. He believes that the teaching of the Faith, can reduce the gaps that exist in the social structure.

•  Madhu Mehta

She is an oustanding Orthodox Bahá'í from Delhi, an editor of the first and very informative news letter of the Orthodox Bahá'ís: "Herald of the Covenant," and member of the first Provisional National Bahá'í Council of India.

National Baháí Council of India
P.O. Box 54, Vasai Road, District: Thane: 401207, Maharashtra, INDIA.